Product catalog

We offer a wide range of packaging. Standard packaging products of various shapes and sizes are manufactured with the latest technology.

Customization of the product according to the customer's wishes. 

  • Design
  • Color / transparent design
  • Application of IML (In Mold Label) labels during injection

All types of packing solutions offered for the food industry are suitable for fillings such as: ice cream, frozen desserts, dairy products, spreads, pates, fish, fruits and vegetables, honey, walnuts, cereals, pasta, spices , powder blends, etc.

Product type

  • Pots from 90 ml to 1600 ml
  • Tubs from 150 ml to 2500 ml
  • Bowls suitable for microwave heating
  • Plastic dishes for salads, rice and soups
  • Custom Packaging
  • Plastic glasses
  • Packaging accessories such as ice cream spoons, straws and forks